Can Hoops run my entire business?

Yes!  With integrated payment processing, parts lookup, inventory control and accounting modules, Hoops can run your entire business.

Can I access the database directly?

While we do not currently offer direct access to the database server, our custom query tool allows you to download any data you want.

Do you have any references?

Yes! We have many very satisfied customers who would be more than happy to chat with you about their experience with Hoops and how it has made running their businesses easier.

Can I access Hoops from anywhere?

Yes – Hoops is hosted on the internet, so you can access it anytime from any location.  If needed, your employees can have their access restricted to only certain IP addresses, so you they can only sign in from your facility.

Do I need to install anything?

You do not need to install any software to operate Hoops.  If you use 1st Mile for card processing, there is a small application to install.

Do I need to download PDFs to print?

In it’s core functionality, Hoops downloads a PDF file when you run reports or print invoices.  If you would like print jobs to be delivered directly to your printer, ask us about our Print Server module.

Do you add new features?

We are constantly looking to the future and developing new & improved system features.

Since Hoops is online, does it go down?

Due to the nature of the Internet, there is a chance of any web system experiencing temporary downtime.  However, we have many lines of defense to help eliminate this.  Our application and database servers all have redundancy and load balancing, so you will likely never see any downtime.

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